Michigan, North Dakota 

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Michigan Area Ambulance Service


Contact Information: 
Jason Flom
Operations Manager
PO Box 17
Michigan, ND 58259



Regularly Scheduled Meeting Date/Time:

First Wednesday of each month starting at 7:00 p.m.  Training sessions are held at each meeting, followed by a business meeting.



Description of Primary Response Area:

Service area includes the northeast part of Nelson County, including the cities of Michigan, Petersburg, Dahlen, & Whitman.  Also part of rural Fordville & Lankin in southwest part of Walsh County. 




The Michigan Area Ambulance Service is an all-volunteer service providing service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It is licensed with the State of ND as a Basic Life Support service.


Michigan Area Ambulance Service organized in 1972.  With 50 percent matching federal funds and donations, the first ambulance was purchased January 1974.  Dr. N. Boyd Hagen taught Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) classes and trained 25 volunteers.  In July 1977 we purchased a pager system with a base station located at the Memorial Rest Home.



we are dispatched by the Lake Region 911 Center in Devils Lake and calls come across pagers carried by all active members.  Call schedules (rosters) are set up with 3 person crews, with each member on call either days or nights once every third week. We receive approximately 50-85 calls per year.


We are very fortunate to have a supportive community who generously gives donations and memorials. We are always in need of more volunteers.  Anyone wishing to give some of their time should contact any of our current members.  We are proud to serve as the Michigan Area Ambulance Service! 



Current Personnel:

Dan Reineke, EMT   (President)

Diane Schock, EMR/Driver  (Vice-President)

Jim Miles, EMT  (Secretary)

Jason Flom, EMT  (Operations Manager)

Marci Guenthner, EMR

Dave Kalinoski, CPR Driver  

Scott Gilbertson, CPR Driver 

Rhonda Buhr, EMR 

Jeremy Emory, Driver

Glenda Garrett, EMR

Kathy Gilbertson, EMT

Elaine Larson, EMR/Driver  

Donna Mayer, EMR

Crystal Schemionek, RN

Keith Olson, EMT

Shaun Watkins, CPR Driver

Chris O'Brien, CPR Driver

Carolina Miles, EMR

Austin Berdal, EMR

Tina Hummel, EMR

Luke Olson, EMR



Michigan Area Ambulance District:

In 1998, the Michigan Area Ambulance District was formed.  A mill levy generates funds that support the ambulance service.


District Board:

Gordon Maresh, President

Ken Shirek, Vice President

Amber Vickaryous, Secretary

Vicki Staniszewski, Treasurer

Jan Sonderland, Director

Sylvia Daws, Director

Allen Miller, Director

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